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 Answers to the popular questions:

 What safety certificates do the helmets have?

  • TIS (Thailand), ECE (European standard), DOT (American standard). 


 How can I buy a helmet?

  •  If you need one helmet for personal use you can make an order through our cart and an English-speaking consultant will contact you for the details. If you would like to work with us and represent our brand in your shop please contact us through the contact form with the mark "cooperation" and our English-speaking consultant will get in touch with you. 



 How do I know my size of the helmet?

  • To get to know you size of the helmet you need to measure the diameter of your head above your eyebrows (please see the picture below)

Choose your size of the helmet according to the results of your measuring

 S - 54-56 cm

 M - 56-58 cm

 L - 58-60 m

 XL - 60-62 m

 XXL - 62-64 m

 How do I wear the helmet correctly?


  • Do not tilt the helmet forward or backward. This will decrease the visibility and will prevent the helmet from completing its key function correctly. Every time you wear the helmet you should fasten it on you chin. 


 How do I fasten all the types of clasps?


  • DD-ring, Quick Release.