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Comfort white

Model: Comfort

Color: white

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL


The Shell (ABS plastic) is balanced in terms of durability, firmness and crashworthiness which makes it the best choice. 

Inner layer- EPS foam, material thickness is 4 cm (2 levels), density 0,045 g/cm3. Very light material, up to 98% filled with air with shock-absorbing function. Doesn't smell and is antiallergic.

Helmet's glass is made of polycarbonate with special scratch resistant property and also with UV protection. Second solar tinted glass open with button.

You don't need any additional instruments to adjust the airing, everything can be easily adjusted manually. 

Fastening belt 20 mm, Quick Release, without the chin rest. 

Sizes: S (55-56 cm), M (57-58 cm), L (59-60 cm), XL (61-62 cm), XXL (63-64 cm).

Certification: TIS (Thailand), ECE (Europe), DOT (USA). 

Weight 1450 g   50

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